Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a Tailor Made Shirt (Order Made Shirts)?
A : A tailor Made Shirt (Order Made Shirt) simply means you can design your shirt right from scratch. From a limitless selection of fabrics, to choosing shirt styles and sizing of the shirt which will be tailored specially to your fit you.

Q. What Kind of Fabric is used for the shirt?
A : We believe that when you go for a bespoke shirt, you deserve the best and there we only offer 100% pure Cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore it breathes, giving you a fabric that is durable and cool and the same time.


Q. Is it difficult to take your own size?
A : Taking your own measurements is very easy. For your convenience, we have included guidelines, which includes detailed videos to assist you in measuring yourself.

Q. Am I able to order Standard Sized Shirts?
A : Yes! We have an option for you in our measurement section, which allows you to select a size from our standard size chart. Rest assured even when selecting standard sizing, we will still ensure that you will be getting a shirt with a fit and feel that is comparable to a bespoke shirt.


Q. How are you able to offer such affordable prices for order made shirts?
A : We are able to offer such affordable prices because we are a tailor-made factory which not only manufactures our own shirts, but also manufacture our own fabrics. We believe in quality and our mission is to share Bespoke shirts with everyone at affordable rates.

Q. Is there an extra charge for monograms (initials)?
A : All customized feature offered on our website is already built in price of the shirt. You are able to pick from a large variety of contrast materials, button collars, hand stitching and also monogram all in the affordable price of our shirt.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my Shirts?
A : We have state of the art facilities and are able to manufacture and delivery your Bespoke shirt to your door step with in 4-6Weeks.

Q. I have trouble paying with credit card. Once I enter my details it does not process, what do I do?
A : Please empty cache and clear cookies in your browser, and please start designing again and this time process will through.


Q. I’d like to purchase uniforms for my company, are you able to provide such services?
A : Yes! Being fabric and garment manufacturers we have decades of experience in uniforms. For more information please contact us at

10. I wish to sell your Tailor Made Shirts in my country (Reseller), what is the procedure?
A : Please contact us at for more information.


Q. Which is browser is best to view your site?
A : Our site has been optimized for best view on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Q. How long have you been in Tailor Made Business?
A : We have been providing finest Bespoke Shirts for Decades (26 Years). With humble beginnings we have revolution our business to bring our Bespoke to your very home, there is no need to visit a local tailor. You can have Brilliant Tailor-Made shirts delivered right very to your doorstep with few clicks of your mouse. Our Motto is “Dress for Success” and our mission to bring Bespoke Shirts to everyone at affordable prices.

Q. Will you be offering any other tailor made products in the near future?
A : Yes! We are constantly striving for excellence and always want to improve ourselves. For the time being we only of 3D on our site for Bespoke Shirts but we are currently working on ties and Suits as well. If you are interested in our bespoke suits, please mail us at

Q. Do you have customer service or support?
A : Yes, Please go to our Contact us for details and all your queries. We value our customers are always ready to help you with all your queries. We are guarantee a response between 24-48 Hours.

Q. When I receive my shirts, the colors are Slightly different from the 3D Designer, is this normal?
A : Yes, Each screen resolution is different and there is a possibility that colors may vary. However we have sold thousand of shirts worldwide and our feed from our clients have been phenomenal, our clients are very happy with our Bespoke shirts and have informed us that the difference in colors are very nominal if any at all.

Q. What are your terms and conditions?
A : Please read all our Terms and Conditions listed at the footer of every page and at our Check Out Page.

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