Shirt Quality

Our shirts are manufactured with precision, every detail is carefully compiled together to give you the perfect shirt. Every shirt has a story, and from the very beginning, we ensure that the quality we offer is the very best, employing the most skillful tailors to carefully Cut and shape every piece of fabric, and then to carefully Stitch them together to give you the The Shirt.

Be your own designer, select from a large variety of Collars and cuffs with exclusively edged seams. Try your hand at choosing your pocket styles or colorful plackets, the combinations are endless. We offer Monograms/Initials and hand stitching in any color of your choice with out any extra charge. 

Here are CUTNSTITCH, we offer nothing but the best. starting from highest quality fabrics with excellent thread counts and weaves to carefully stitched shirts with any detail you can dream off. 


At CUTNSTITCH, if you can dream of a design, we can stitch it!



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